June 17, 2024
take the child to wash small towel s and socks and

In the sultry summer, out of natural physiological reaction, the baby will unconsciously kick the quilt. Hot in summer, many parents know that towels can not be covered at all, on the contrary, many children suffer from “hot cold”, baby always kicks the quilt, how to do?

The work innovation road of the valve center has never stopped, they start from all aspects of the site, firmly grasp the “sesame” benefits, twist the already twisted “towels” again, and carry out in-depth “small change and small leather”. In the independent maintenance again and again, the production cost has been greatly reduced, and the ultimate goal of “improving quality and efficiency” of equipment maintenance has been achieved.

Set the machine to a gentle cycle with a slow spin speed. High-speed spins can cause the purse to become misshapen or damaged. Once the cycle is complete, remove the purse from the mesh bag and gently reshape it back to its original form. To speed up the drying process, you can gently pat the purse with a clean towel to remove excess moisture.

Director Zheng Yu pointed out that pinkeye can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with patients. Pinkeye disease is mainly transmitted through eye-hand-eye path. it may be infected when exposed to towels, handkerchiefs, face washing utensils, computer keyboards, etc., or to swimming pools and baths that pinkeye patients have touched. Director Zheng Yu stressed that if there is no contact with red-eye patients, they will not be infected with red-eye disease.

The last great way to clean is to boil the towels in rice water. Amoy rice water is a kind of natural weak alkaline water, it is very suitable for washing clothes, and it is milder than washing powder without any side effects. As long as the rice water is boiled and the towels are boiled for about 10 minutes, the towels will turn white, soft and have a faint smell of rice.

You can also take the child to wash small towels and socks and twist the excess water in the towels and socks. In the process, the child can see how much effort we have used, which is also very helpful to willpower. On the other hand, we can get in touch with nature more, take them to walk more and climb more mountains.

In the past, I always thought that the work in the service industry was simple and easy, and the service was just repeated over and over again, and it was just a process that practice makes perfect. Take the making of guest rooms as an example. Making quilts, making beds and cleaning are the simplest and most common scenes in daily life, but now there are standards, systems and norms in work. It is as small as the laying of a sheet, the folding of a towel, the placement of a teacup, a bow, a smile and a gesture, which I could not have imagined before. How tedious and tedious it is to think that I will work like this day after day. For this reason, I have hesitated, wavered and regretted. However, this idea has changed as a result of a housekeeping job.