April 16, 2024
new height. Choose a large square towel with good texture,

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If it is a leather bag, you need to know the texture of the leather before cleaning. Professional leather cleaners and maintenance agents can be used to clean except frosted leather. Spray the detergent on the surface of the bag until it is moist, and gently rub the leather with a wet towel or sponge to remove dirt. Wash the towel and repeat the above steps until the cleaning is complete. Then dry the leather naturally and take care of it with a leather protectant-Source:

Water and towels. Nanhui Beach is mostly wild beaches, and there are no toilets or flushing places. Although there are in Guanhai Park in Nanhuizui, you have to wait in line for a long time when it is crowded. It is best to bring one or two large bottles of water for flushing.

In my opinion, it is really a creative and unique idea to treat a beautiful scarf as a bag back, which adds a lot of color to your everyday wear by the general public, and easily helps you to beauty to a new height. Choose a large square towel with good texture, which can be transformed into the canvas bag and shopping bag we want, so that you can get rid of the inherent impression of the traditional bag and show a different charm.

The most outstanding advantage of living towels is polymer antibacterial, bacteriostatic rate as high as 90%, green standard, even babies can rest assured to use. In addition, the water absorption of the most living towels is also good, 3 seconds of water absorption, girls have a way to dry their long hair. Using Xinjiang Awati long-staple cotton, the fiber is long, durable, fluffy, soft and comfortable ~ the style of the most towels is relatively simple, pure color simple style, goddess style ~

new height. Choose a large square towel with good texture,

To know to measure the service level and professional level of a beauty salon, so steam disinfection is only applicable to towels; although cotton towels can be disinfected with Xiaoxiling to make them meet the harmless requirements, beauticians should do a good job of steam disinfection of towels.

After the child is one year old, he should be encouraged to wash in the morning and evening, change clothes and socks frequently, and not touch dirt indiscriminately. After the age of two, he should learn to wash his hands, soap his face, and dry his hands with a towel after washing.

Mother waiting bag: habit thermos cup, functional drink, Snickers, alcohol wipes, paper towels, cotton towels, disposable toilet mat, puerperal mat, maternal sanitary napkin, disposable underwear, maternal sanitary wipes, anti-overflow milk pad, knife paper, butt washer, nipple paste, mouthwash, month toothbrush, open plug, tableware, perineal cold pad, moon slippers, loose socks.

The interior of a purse often faces spills and crumbs from daily use. To clean the inside of your Baggallini purse, use a clean cloth or sponge dipped in warm soapy water, gently wiping the fabric lining. Make sure not to oversaturate the interior as excessive moisture may lead to unwanted odors or damage the bag. Finally, take a dry cloth or towel and gently pat the inside of your purse to remove any excess moisture.