April 25, 2024
your eyes, and do not share towel s and washbasins with

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Summer bacteria and viruses are extremely active, the eyes are also afraid of bacterial infection, when infected by bacteria can cause conjunctivitis, its main symptoms are conjunctival congestion and purulent secretions. Usually, you must pay attention to eye hygiene, wash your hands and face with flowing water, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your eyes, and do not share towels and washbasins with others. Try not to swim in swimming pools with poor disinfection facilities in summer, and try to wear goggles when swimming.

If the space on your wall is still empty, you can use it reasonably and install an intelligent towel rack here, which can effectively improve happiness, and you can put the towels directly on it for drying every time you run out of towels.

your eyes, and do not share towel s and washbasins with

After treatment, the local area has 3-5 hours of mild burning pain and a sense of defecation. if it is difficult to urinate, you can use a hot hot towel with boiling water to heat the lower abdomen or gently apply it to the lower abdomen with your hands. Patients must remember not to defecate immediately. That is a normal phenomenon, mixed hemorrhoids patients, a small number of patients due to local stimulation response sensitive, mild nausea, dizziness, sweating, pale, the whole body uncomfortable phenomenon, to drink sugar rinse 2 cups of water, take a flat rest for about 1 hour can disappear.

Once citizens mistakenly eat poisonous wild mushrooms, they can press hard objects such as wooden chopsticks and iron spoons on the base of their tongue with towels to urge vomiting, then rinse their mouths with salt water, and go to the hospital for further professional treatment as soon as possible. It is important to pay special attention to remember to bring leftover mushroom samples when you go to the hospital so that the doctor can determine the type of poisonous mushrooms in time.

Usually, in addition to cleaning the affected parts of the chicken skin, we should also do a good job of exfoliating. As the skin of the chicken is dry and thin, a mild method must be used to exfoliate. You can use the lotion to exfoliate, after cleaning the skin, evenly apply the lotion to the affected area of the chicken skin, and then apply it with a clean hot towel. After the towel cools, gently wipe off the lotion with a cosmetic cotton pad to reduce the burden on the skin, mild and non-irritating. It should be noted that the horny renewal cycle of our skin is about 28 days, so exfoliating must not be frequent, it is appropriate to go once a month or so.

On the other side, an one-year-old white-faced monk monkey hid in the arms of a caregiver and clung to a small towel. Caregivers say that, like some human babies, primate babies like to hold towels from an early age, so they have a kind of sense of security. The baby golden monkey, which is only 10 months old, is obviously bold and active. even if it is held in the arms of the nurse, it keeps grabbing the food of the white-faced monk monkey, which makes people laugh.

My colleague later bought the same brand, and she told me that it was probably the most frequent item in their household, because she had two children in her family, and the children changed their clothes very frequently. With this towel rack, it was much more convenient, which could be dried quickly and sterilized.

To give your baguettes their characteristic shape, place your hands on each end of the dough strip and gently twist it, creating tension. Place the shaped baguettes onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Cover them with a clean towel and let them proof for another 1 to 2 hours, or until they have visibly increased in size.

After the towel is soaked, take it out and wring it dry, then you can apply the towel to your stomach. After the towel gets cold, repeat the above steps until the abdominal pain relieves.