April 24, 2024
covered their mouths and noses with towel s and clothes, bent

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On the same day, parents visited the student dormitory. When parents see neatly folded beds, neatly hung towels, orderly mugs, and brightly polished floors, they admire their children for being able to tidy up their housework so well and thank their teachers for their hard work.

Seeing this name, parents who have a baby in kindergarten at home may be no stranger, it is very likely that the teacher has talked to you about this problem, and the child is more dependent on his comfort items, such as handkerchiefs, towel quilts, or bears. You may have found such a phenomenon at home. Some things are dolls or dolls that the baby put on his bed when he was a child. As a result, he is still reluctant to throw them away when he grows up. Obviously, it is shabby and dirty, but the baby must hold it to sleep every night, so we adults may find it a nuisance.

Stainless steel has been used in daily life for a long time, and it appears more and more frequently in home decoration projects. One of the most prominent advantages of the stainless steel towel rack used in the bathroom is corrosion resistance. If it is ordinary metal products, put in the bathroom in such a humid environment, but also need frequent contact with water, it will not take long to rust, so that your towels are dirty. However, stainless steel is an alloy that will not rust, and its appearance is extremely smooth, so it can be said to be an ideal material for making towel racks.

Niches, which were used in religion to worship Buddha statues in the past, are now widely used in decoration and design. The toilet can use irregular local space or guarantee when the design niche, it does not occupy the building area, beautiful at the same time can also be used to receive. Most homeowners have this kind of trouble. the bathroom itself is small, and there are a lot of bottles and cans, towels, toilet paper and so on that need to be collected. Make a niche and these problems will be easily solved!

A fire fighting and fire emergency evacuation exercise kicked off. Under the guidance and evacuation of the teacher, the students covered their mouths and noses with towels and clothes, bent down to jog, evacuated the “fire scene” in an orderly manner and arrived at a safe place.

2. Change pillows regularly, wash towels and pillowcases frequently, and regularly change and wash things that are often touched by the face, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria and aggravate facial acne.

On the 16th, the CCTV party exposed the dark side of the towel production line: old socks and old underwear were raw materials for the production of towels, which mentioned “Yongliang towels.” the reporter searched on Taobao, JD.com, pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms. Relevant products can no longer be found.

covered their mouths and noses with towel s and clothes, bent

The car stopped in front of a supermarket, and the boss stood in the doorway shouting: “it is cold and steamy in the scenic spot, there are cotton-padded coats and rain shoes; inside the hotel does not provide dental tools, there are toothbrush toothpaste towels; plateau areas should eat more fruit to prevent constipation, there are oranges, apples and bananas; the water temperature in the plateau area is not enough, do not take instant noodles, here are bread biscuits and ham. After entering the mountain, things are few and expensive. Buy them here. ”